Things I Noticed that I’m Grateful for, 1.

Will had his first Zoom meeting with his teacher and classmates. I haven’t seen him get so excited and slap-happy in ages! It was totally adorable. His teacher read to them all the book she’d been reading at school, Frindle. Georgie’s curls have been getting quite bouncy after naps with this humidity! Two things about… Continue reading Things I Noticed that I’m Grateful for, 1.

It’s the first day of Spring.

...and we are isolated in our homes for this pandemic. Except we can be outside, and the good Lord has blessed us with some ridiculously beautiful weather. I got so self conscious about blogging in the last year. It seemed like such a fully self-absorbed, validation-seeming pursuit. I cringed so hard when I read old… Continue reading It’s the first day of Spring.