Things I Noticed that I’m Grateful for, 1.

Will had his first Zoom meeting with his teacher and classmates. I haven’t seen him get so excited and slap-happy in ages! It was totally adorable. His teacher read to them all the book she’d been reading at school, Frindle.

Georgie’s curls have been getting quite bouncy after naps with this humidity!

Two things about this picture^. One, I snagged that dresser from Habitat for Humanity a month ago. It was $60; I could’ve bought 4 for the price of the “affordable” IKEA Hemnes dresser I had been planning to get for G. What felt significant about it is, I realized I felt way more satisfied with the uniqueness of a second hand purchase. My old 20 something self disdained used clothes or furniture; I was pretty minimalist in my taste, but I wanted everything to be new. And I was a bit of a sucker for labels.

I’m going to attribute my change of attitude to Homesong blog -(@mamawatters on Instagram). Her ability to make everything beautiful – even frugality and used things! – really blows me away! But truly, it’s so much more special because it’s not all brand new and totally copiable. (Yes I know that’s not a word but it just really works).

The second thing about that picture is my huge gratitude for how clean my house has stayed. It took months of resolute decluttering to get it to this point. But the miracle is how it’s staying this way while we are all cooped up here together!

If anyone reading this is looking for something to keep them busy right now, you won’t regret devoting all your energy to a massive decluttering spree. It is a gift that keeps giving back!

I’ve never been one to make the bed every morning. I’ve tried to be, but it just didn’t stick. But when you get your house THISCLEAN, it’s easier to want to make all the beds and keep everything tidy.

One thought on “Things I Noticed that I’m Grateful for, 1.

  1. Omg! Yes! I can read this blog again! 🤣 I’ve been waiting for months, but I had just sort of put it to the back of my mind. Then, just now, I’m in my kitchen and I randomly started thinking about your blog and something told me to check and see if it was readable…and it is! That made my day!

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