Spring is here.


I want to record this for years to come when I’m in a slump and can’t believe there’s an end to it. I have energy again.

It came on gradually, like the seasons; so gently I didn’t notice it was happening. I simply woke up one day, and realized that I was a different person than I had been two weeks before. I looked around me, sipping my coffee one morning, and saw a clean and shiny house. I realized I now easily clock in an average of 14,000 steps a day on my Fitbit, where I struggled to get 10k months before. It dawned on me that I was naturally hitting 6 workout days a week now.

I thought back to when I last was able to accomplish, oh, anything, and lo and behold that time was 22 months ago… right before I got that positive pregnancy test for my little chub, Becket. So I think the change I’ve felt must be due to weaning him recently. 

I don’t remember noticing a major dip or surge in my energy levels with the pregnancies and weaning of my first two children. Either it wasn’t there before (ahhh pregnancy in your early twenties!), or I just wasn’t as aware of my body and floated along unconsiously.


^got my power braid on, ready to run.

This is a good and a hard thing to realize about my life.

I am both encouraged that energy and achievement IS possible after the third baby, as well as dismayed that it will all hibernate again for at least a year and a half starting with my next pregnancy.

Cause… I am not “done” having babies. When Becket came along, I laughed with a girlfriend that, in addition to loving my baby boys, I was relieved he wasn’t a girl because I could use that as my excuse for wanting to put myself through it all over again in the future. People wouldn’t know how crazy I was if they assumed I was “trying for a girl”. In reality y’all, Jason and I just love kids. The more the merrier. I grew up enveloped by the love and noise of a big family (I am the oldest of 6); and we have always hoped we would be able to give that gift to our own children. We are taking it one baby at a time, so who knows if we will make it to 5 or well past it! But that’s our wish.

And for the record, I actually hope the next baby is a boy. I think poor little Becket needs a permanent roommate! He already looks forlorn and left out in his room alone, while Henry and Will party it up every night in theirs.

Annnnyway. I want to remember that my house, while it may be a disaster for my next pregnancy and even the full year after a soft, wrinkly, milky-smelling baby comes, it WILL get cleaned up again. Same with my figure. The laundry. And sweet, sweet sleep.

It is all so worth it for the joy of these shining faces, who will be apart of our lives for eternity. BUT AHHHHHHHHHH… MY HOUSE IS CLEAN!


4 thoughts on “Spring is here.

  1. I was so excited to discover your blog the other day! I came across it randomly looking up Ballet Beautiful and pregnancy and then I was pleasantly surprised to see that you were also a Catholic mom and into swimming and running (I used to run marathons, but fell out of running; your post about the nostalgia of swimming resonated with me). I felt like you were my long lost twin! 🙂 You make having three boys look so fun! We have a one year old boy and are expecting another baby this fall. I grew up the oldest of five and go back and forth with having a big family (I loved it, but worry if we can manage). It is neat to see other families taking that leap! Thank you for your beautiful posts and wise words on motherhood!

    1. Forgot to say that I love your sons’ names! We also have a Henry and love the name Will too!

    2. Thank you so much for commenting Vanessa! It’s nice to meet you! 🙂 moments like these make me glad I have a blog after all. Oh and! Ballet beautiful is amazingggg for pregnancy! DO IT! And as to family size – thank you for your sweet words! I will be the first to say, it is NOT for everyone; I think it’s essential to take it one child at a time and be open to whatever God’s will is for your own unique family. 🙂 it shouldn’t be something you do with anxiety or guilt. Email me sometime and tell me more about yourself, long lost twin! kaloakes at gmail. 😘

  2. I definitely will email! (Just added you on instagram!) I like how soothing and yet challenging Mary Helen Bowers’ workouts are. I’m trying to find a good routine and balance of walking, swimming, and her blasts. I am totally with you on taking it one baby at a time and seeing where God is calling us. Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

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