Little Nothings

I am sitting here in my makeshift desk in the kitchen, bundled in my thickest sweater and drinking coffee out of the mug I stole from Will.

The story of this small yet much-coveted mug is this:

My Dad took a liking to a lighthouse mug like it at the rickety old beach house we stayed at in the Outer Banks this past summer. Each morning, he would reach into the cabinet for it, but after a few days he began to have trouble finding it. “Who took my favorite mug?!!” my dad would yell ask. (When you raise 6 kids, yelling becomes your love language).

We eventually realized that this mug was disappearing quietly every day to WILL’S room, because apparently, he also had developed an attachment to it.

My dad surprised him the day before we went home, with a brand new replica of the mug they both fell in love with. 

And that is the story of Will’s favorite mug. Which I steal, very occasionally, ONLY because I am convinced that smaller mugs keep my milky coffee hotter longer. 😉

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I am trying to find what I have been missing in my blog for the past few years. When I read my old posts, back when the highlight of my quiet life at home with my one, squishy little son, were my long runs on the greenway, and rainy day rambles through Costco or the library, I am struck by how much more interesting the posts still are (to me at least!). Now, when my life is busy and hectic and important, I bypass sharing or memorializing the trivial details, the little nothings, the moments I used to make a big deal of when I had little else to chat about.

It was only when I stumbled upon another young blogger that I recognized this quality and realized how much I had been missing it – in my own blog but also in some of the blogs I used to follow devotedly, and now get pretty bored by.

On the outside, it should be the opposite, right?! We should be MORE interested when the blogger whose ordinary life used to consist in DIY hacks in her suburban home, is now flying across the country for exotic, sponsored get aways; when the girl who used to confide the trials of her tight, newly-wed budget in the context of her sale savviness for cute clothes, is now decked in Shopbop “investments”. But I’ve found for myself that, while I am happy to see successful new pursuits of the American Dream, (signs of a not so bad economy, after all! 😉 ) – I miss the humble little nothings they used to share and make a big deal about. The simple joys, the now paltry details.

Obviously that isn’t a problem on this blog – having to turn away millions of sponsorships. LOL. But somewhere along my bloggy way, I lost that unselfconscious ability slash desire to share the little things that my BFF blog friends –  among the few whose blogs I still obsessively follow 😉 – are better at doing. 

Maybe I just miss things like the stories of someone’s favorite coffee mug.

Any one else?


8 thoughts on “Little Nothings

  1. These are my favorite blogs, just following along other mother’s simple lives. It’s refreshing and encouraging. I know I’ve admitted this before, but I had always loved your blog for that exact reason (I think I initially came across it back when we were Facebook friends many, many moons ago?)

  2. Yes I agree with all of what you’ve said here. Every blog is like an advertisement now. I’m so tired of wasting my time – I don’t need to be convinced to buy things during my (limited) free time.

    1. Yeah I know how you feel!! In addition to selling stuff though, it’s like overload of “cool important things going on!!!” I miss quiet humdrum posts about people’s quiet humdrum days! (Yours are always so satisfying to that desire! Love your unfiltered pics and details of your sweet home life!)

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