Odds and Ends

It’s a rainy, cold morning as we are driving through West Virginia this morning. 

I am excited for Elizabeth’s wedding! And for the high of 54. I brought all my favorite sweaters. I’ll have to change twice a day to get some quality time in all of them.

I’m giving my voice a break by blogging right now. I’m reading The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe aloud on our drive. I tried reading it last year but Will was still a little young and couldn’t follow the British language well enough. 

This time around he seems to be really into it!

I can’t remember how old I was when my mom first read them aloud to us… 6? Either way, all 7 Chronicles were like old friends throughout my childhood, reconnected with every winter. 

It’s so exciting introducing things like that to your children. One of the best perks of parenting for sure. 

I realized recently that a lot of my joy in parenting and having babies is comparable to an author’s excitement imagining characters. I daydream about my three boys and their future siblings (I hope!) and I try out beautiful old-fashioned names in my head for them, and picture how my current three will be as the Big Kids… and wonder what it would feel like to have a whole loud houseful of giggling and arguing  children… and I feel a rush of excitement and hope that I get to meet them, that they aren’t just figments of my imagination. Then I get nervous that these are signs I’m going to be one of those crazy mamas drivin the fifteen seat passenger van 😭😳. Lol.

Anyway. Back to my real life.

In the midst of all the baking and laundry and packing the last few days, I had to go into the attic to pull out the 4T winter clothes, cause my barely 3 year old was way too big for the 3T winter clothes I had saved from Will for him. His little pot belly and ankles and fore arms poked out from all of it. 

He’s currently wearing an outfit his older brother wore LAST YEAR. 

Will has been growing too though! I could tell when I put the Youth Small uniform polo on him – the XS’s he usually wears were all in the wash – and instead of hanging loose on him like it had two months ago, it fit pretty decently. 

Will had a bit of a tough time after a couple weeks at school because he was at a table with all girls and one of them is very bossy and was butting heads with Will. He would come home with tales of how Rebecca doesn’t like when he is silly, and he didn’t know if she was his friend or not. His teacher shuffled the tables around, and of course Will started making friends with the one girl at his new table of boys. Hah. He told me one day, “Rafe calls Cece ‘Pinkalicious'”; dang I thought – the flirting starts now? “I think i will call her Blue Whale,” said Will. In vain did I try to persuade him that this wasn’t as flattering to a girl as it was in his head (it is after all his most favorite creature). A few days later he informed me that Cece asked him if he could please not call her Blue Whale any more. 

Henry has dominated his first two months of preschool. His teachers seem to really love him, and he has already made his very own friends. “Brooks is so silly!” He would tell me randomly. “Who is Brooks?” I ask. “Brooks is my best fwend,” says Henry. 

Brooks turned out to be another twinkly eyed little towhead who is almost exactly the same size as Henry and just as easy-going. They are a wonderful match for each other, and it’s really like they know it. Brooks’ mama told me that the first time she heard of Henry was when Brooks started thanking God for him every night at bedtime prayers. 

Becket is full on crawling. The inching around started a month ago, before he turned six months. Then right before the 6 mon mark, he started doing The Worm to get places. (He skipped the combat crawl all together.)

Now after a few weeks of gaining distance, he’s getting all fancy with doing a downward dog thing (literally – he is on his hands and toes with his butt in the air like a triangle). He also likes to roll to the side and half sit (this looks kind of like a seal and kind of like a hooker).


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