catching up – my first 7 quick takes!


I do not know why I have never done these – but I love love reading them, especially Colleen’s and Theresa’s. [Seriously though, those two ladies could write about paint drying and I would be riveted.]


  1. Listening to Kings of Leon’s new album “Walls” right now as I write this. Yes I discovered it thanks to Taylor Swift’s instagram LOL. No I am not embarrassed. Girl has some excellent taste in music.
  2. [ALso, nobody asked but it is my personal opinion that the only big error of hers in the last year was in trying to befriend Kanye despite his many apparent iss-youz. I think her confusion at his song was COMPLETELY understandable. I do that all the time – I am a slow processor too! I get you, Tay Tay. The only thing I can’t defend her on is Tom Hiddleston… WTF?]
  3. I went out with my husband a week or so ago… it was a newly chilly night, and the air was crisp and clear. We went to one of his MBA alumnus friend’s places in South End, which has a gorgeous rooftop view of the city I have come to love. It was nice to hang out with grownups and I always love chatting more with the people he spent soooo much time with a year ago. img_1744
  4. I wore this dress that I got for my cousin’s bachelorette weekend and I have loved it SO FREAKING MUCH I feel the need to share. It was $22! I always feel so pretty when I wear it.
  5. Speaking of her bachelorette… Elizabeth, myself, some of her best friends from the last 10 years of her life, her sister Veronica and my sister Cela (who helped me out with B allllll weekend!) spent 3 days at Folly Beach. img_1731We paddle boarded, walked the beach, surprised her with an epic lingerie shower [which may have involved granny panties being taped to the wall as decoration], and made friends with her friends. It was special. I don’t know that you can always have a group of 11 girls from all different stages of your life click like that. I think it says a lot about Elizabeth that she is so the same person with all of us, that we didn’t feel too weird with each other even if all of us were definitely very different. I was honored that she asked me to be her Maid/Matron of Honor, since she has been closer to a sister than a cousin for me, and I cannot wait to stand up next to her on her wedding day next weekend – and to dance again afterwards with all her awesome friends! Anddddd SO EXCITED to experience Columbus in the fall.
  6. This morning was the first soccer game Will’s team won! or, well, tied. Which felt like a win after they have been so creamed in the past! img_1768My sweet, sweet Will is so overwhelmed by the aggressive nature of the sport that he literally wrings his hands the entire time he is running on the field. My brother Moses is their coach and he is awesome. The boys all love him.
  7. I was playing around with my About page early this morning, cause it has been bothering me that I sort of lost my blogging voice and I don’t want to say goodbye forever, so maybeeee I could reset things with a fresh look?… and I realized that in about 80% of my pictures of Will, he is making the same face…

    … because he never stops talking! LOL

My need to re-do my About page is perhaps the main reason I’m copying Theresa and finally trying the SQT… I need a reset for this little blog!


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