I survived the 4th Trimester with 3!

Listening to “Strange Trails” by Lord Huron (I am seriously in love with their music)

PS: I renamed the blog to reflect it being simply a family one. It’s actually a scripture verse we came across in my Isaiah bible study last fall! You can read the full verse here

I took 5 extra minutes after nursing Becket the other evening laying on the bed upstairs in his green nursery, to smile into his eyes, to nuzzle his nose,and coo with his coos. Will and Henry were downstairs eating their #WINNING dinners of boxed mac and cheese and frozen peas while watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates. I made myself stop and hoped the moment could hold in my memory.

How could I not, when he looks at me like this?!:


Becket is the sweetest, easiest and lovingest baby… IF he is being held and talked to. He does not like to be alone, even in the corner of the room you are in. I struggled a lot with this the first month. I tried just sticking him in the stroller, sticking him in the carseat, expecting he would give up at some point, and finally I had to embrace it. I can appreciate that he is this way… if he wasn’t, I have a suspicion I would plop him in a bouncer in the corner and forget about him! Well, if this guy wouldn’t try to crush him with love that is…


Maybe… just maybe… I will have clearer memories of my moments with baby Becket, than I did with Henry. Life is still a blur, and it definitely goes by faster than either of the infancy time with the other two. But I have been less emotionally overwhelmed with the third. More just physically at full capacity lol.


I’ve tried to write this post three times now. I wanted to preserve the pictures and a few of the sweetest moments. I don’t intend to just stop blogging with the third! But every time I sat down to give a praise report and focus on the good, like I usually do – I a) got the worst stomach bug of my life; b) the beginnings of mastitis; c) a plugged duct. Haha! I guess I had to accept I can’t jinx my progress. 😉

But I will say – I learned that instead of praying for happy babies, I should focus on praying for a good hormonal transition. Possessing a solid equilibrium of emotions is huge. It got me through my baby having tongue tie (and giving me the worst nipple trauma of my life!)… not ever wanting to nap… hating the car… and having two older brothers one of whom has been re-earning his nickname of “Lil Messer”.

Henrinnnn. He is so cute I could eat his round and rosy cheeks. But my word is he mischievous! He has the capacity to destroy the entire house in an hour. Just two days ago, he opened the back door and threw a shovel of sand into my living room… dumped out all the toys… spilled a full glass of milk… peed on the back step… and turned the hose on to make a mud pit in the side corner of our yard. This was all when I was upstairs nursing the baby. It is unbelievable what the young man can accomplish in 10 short minutes.


BUT OH MY GOSH how am I supposed to punish or scold THAT FACE.

He also has a way about him with everyone. Such a charmer. He did a little backyard vacation bible school with neighbors last week. Every day I’d ask him “What did you learn about God?” The last day he asked me, quite smoothly, “What did you learn about Baby Becket?”

As for Will – his last summer as a preschooler is flying by faster than I can believe and it makes me super emotional.


He is getting LONG! his stats at the end of his preschool year were that he had grown two inches and lost two pounds. I started really trying to fatten him up when I saw that lol.


Preschool graduation.


Will and his teachers. They both seemed to be truly sad to say goodbye to him. Can you blame them? He is the most helpful and desirous to please child imaginable. I am constantly trying not to take advantage of it. Cause he is hyper sensitive and pressures himself more than I realize.


One of his favorite pastimes at home is dusting. I bought an all natural cleaner so he can go to town. He told me last night he loves cleaning so he can watch his shows, but he also likes cleaning because it makes his daddy happy.

He’s a good friend too. He seems to be attracted to quiet and shy kids. He went to see the Jungle Book with one of his BFF’s Eli. Just look at the cuteness:


We are about to run out the door to the pool. The Y has been such lifesaver for us this summer. We usually try to go in the late afternoon. Becket hangs out in the Ergo and the little guys get nice and brown and worn out. We go home, I let them have an hour watching one of their fav shows while I nurse a glass of wine and prepare dinner. Then everyone sleeps like the dead. Its really the loveliest routine.

Speaking of pools, I wanted to share this amazing blogpost I read the other day. SO GOOD. Just what I needed to read ;).


2 thoughts on “I survived the 4th Trimester with 3!

  1. Love the new blog name!

    What a crazy first few months it’s sounds like you’ve had! Last week I had a surprisingly “easy” week, but then today I came out of my dream cloud and struggled to wade through this morning with a crappy attitude. It’s always good to know that you’re not alone in the frustrations and trials of motherhood.

    1. Thanks Dot! Haha yeah it’s been like that for me… Fairly nice, non-eventful days broken up by the crazy things ;). Nothing other people haven’t had much worse than myself!

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