^35 weeks!

This third pregnancy, as I shared before, has been different on many levels.


I shared mostly the differences I have noticed in my mentality and feelings… how fast its gone by, how content I have felt. etc. But I did not get much into the differences in my body.

I think a very big part of the difference for me physically between this pregnancy and my pregnancy with Henry lies in the time of year. I am an extremely seasonally affected person. One of my closest friends and I were laughing just today actually, because she texted me “are you doing ok?” and I was all “uh, yeah?” and then I was like, “well, actually, I am freaking sick of winter”… and then we both got dejavu and realized she sends me a version of that text every year at this time of year. I guess I get RBWF (resting bitchy winter face). Oh and to add fuel to the fire, when she texted me her “are you ok” text I was wasting my nap time pining over my old blog posts and pictures of the last few springs and summers. Ha!

Anyway. When I was in the second and third tri with Henry I was taking Will to the playground every chirpy, sunshiney morning, I was going to the Y every afternoon… I was frolicking about in cute little maternity shorts and loose v’s.

Me then:




I looked so cute! And I mean MOST women are kinder to their appearances in retrospect, when they aren’t pregnant anymore… but I do distinctly remember feelin pretty cute!

But yeah, this pregnancy I have struggled to feel that way. Don’t be fooled by my little impromptu bathroom photoshoot at the top of this post. For which I cleaned the mirror, hollaaaa! No but I dislike layers and I hate all maternity jeans. I have one pair I love for the fit from J.Crew, but its slightly stuffy for my style. Really dark wash and just kind of feels officey. But they feel really great on; the back comes up much higher than the front, so you have to do less tugging. All other jean brands – Gap, a Pea in the Pod, you name it – fall down my butt all day. -_-

On top of wardrobe issues with this season,  pregnancy fat face – even the teensy weensiest bit of it – is soo much more flattered by a healthy tan than by pale wintery whiteness!

I had a few weeks in the second trimester of feeling like someone had punched me in the crotch. And that if I stood too much, everything (and I mean everything) might just fall out of me. I thought it was related to walking but finally realized it went away if I stopped carrying Henry. Poor guy. He thinks he has a “baby” in his belly too. I think his world is going to be kind of rocked in 5 weeks.

The other physical difference is I simply have not had the time to exercise like I did when I was pregnant with Henry and only had one child in tow.

My regimen during that pregnancy was lap-swimming at least 4 times a week, and Tracy Anderson Method pregnancy dvds.

This wasn’t purely because I was fitness oriented. With Henry, I had horrid lower back pain. It started in the first trimester, and it was vicious the entire pregnancy. I could kind of contain it with working out daily (which is mainly why I did so), but I still remember many evenings of crying in pain while Jason massaged my tailbone and lower back. It was bad! The swimming and Tracy got me through.

After my pregnancy, I initially thought I’d stick with the post-partum Tracy method. However… I ditched Tracy Anderson for good when I went to my first Flybarre class and – even though I had been working my behind off at home an hour a day for months on Tracy – I felt like I had no real strength to show for it in that class. It seemed Tracy can get you skinny, but definitely not strong. And I felt like that was a gimmick. Or, to quote my ladylike mutterings a throughout that painful barre class, “this is bullshit!!”

Much as I loved taking that barre class, there was no way I could fit it in the budget. That’s how I discovered Ballet Beautiful at-home workouts. For the last two years before I got pregnant again, I threw myself wholeheartedly into it as a simple and fun way to get a Barre workout for cheap, and to cross-train alongside my running. This is really starting to read like a cheap ad, but my point in sharing is to explain how, before this pregnancy, for the first time in my life, I did intense core training almost every day. I could feel the difference in my posture and strength for sure. Ballet Beautiful method really teaches you correct form and engaging your inner core through all your exercises. I actually measured my success by going back to Flybarre a year later for a class with my sister and sister-in-law; not to be all braggy, but I dominated. I felt like a regular, and to my somewhat (okayyy, very) vain satisfaction, I looked like a regular too in that room of mirrors. Insert red chacha lady emoji.

So… When I went into this pregnancy, I had the strongest core I had ever had. I have been astounded at how my body has adapted to the pregnancy with the foundation I started with, in comparison to how I did in Henry’s pregnancy. This despite the fact that, as I said, I haven’t been able to keep up with as intense a level of exercise.

I have only been able to swim laps 2 times a week this baby. I have tried my hardest to squeeze in extra days, but that is all I can consistently get. I try to walk and do Ballet Beautiful pregnancy workouts the other days. But realistically, the most I workout is 4 days a week.

Will makes it kind of hard cause he’s old enough to have outgrown enjoying the Y’s childcare – and I understand his upset over the random kids and caregivers, in comparison with what he has come to expect from his preschool.

So my only times for going to swim are when he’s in school, squeezed between my other commitments for those short mornings.

^me now. I think that was at 32 weeks?

HOWEVER. I want to throw a major shoutout to Ballet Beautiful because I have had almost NO backpain this entire pregnancy. It is seriously so rare for my back to bother me, and thats been after I was driving extra or something out of the ordinary.

I have to think this is all due to the fact that the BB method strengthened my entire core so effectively – my lower back, my inner core, my lower and higher abdominals, and my obliques – that I still benefit from the results of it even pregnant.

For the record I do think Tracy Anderson pregnancy workouts are effective! I gave mine to a friend who was also experiencing a lot of back pain in her pregnancy, confident it would really help. They definitely made me feel good in my second pregnancy. And Tracy’s mentality seems much healthier as a coach than when she’s not pregnant. Weirdly. But I preferred sticking with Ballet Beautiful for this third pregnancy since the maternity workouts were affordable, and I was already accustomed to the method.

As a busy mom who needs to cross train for strength without draining your energy or shelling out $100plus per month for a boutique workout, I highly recommend Ballet Beautiful. [The first basic workout dvd is currently $6 on Amazon.] Even though I haven’t had the ability to have quite so much of a high-achieving “feel good” pregnancy with fitness this time around, BB got me in such good shape ahead of time that I am STILL feeling the effects. And doing it even once or twice weekly has felt awesome. My only complaint with them is the classical music… Cause I like working out feeling like I’m Beyoncé in the cloob. My taste is sophisticated.

Anywayyyy. I am interested to see how I do postpartum this time around. For one thing, I will be recovering in my favorite season of the year. I won’t have to buy interim fat jeans! I can just go straight to baggy shorts and loose sun dresses. There will be sunshine and birds singing and grass growing as I’m shedding the baby weight and battling the baby blues. So I’m hopeful that my seasonal timing of this pregnancy won’t be a total bummer compared to Henry’s. Always a brightside, right?!


7 thoughts on “Homestretch

    1. Lol! Yes Kelly that is a very good point. Going to have to find a very heavy duty ruched swimsuit that sucks me in!

  1. Currently 36 weeks pregnant with my first and I totally sucked at working out throughout pregnancy, I am so kicking myself! But I am researching the best at home workout since I will just never be a gym person… unfortunately. And hey I had never heard of Ballet Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I’m off to spend $7 😀

    1. Andrea you will be fine! I walked when I was pregnant with Will and that was it ;). It’s become more of a needed stress release with the more kids I’ve had!

      I hope you like Ballet Beautiful! The Total Body Workout and the Body Blast DVDs are great places to start! That will keep you busy and challenged for months! If they get boring, I’ve also loved buying the streaming videos on – they’re generally around $10 a piece and you can stream them from your computer, phone or iPad! They’re fun ways to mix it up. I can’t wait to get back to them all! 🙂

  2. I have never been in shape in motherhood but I have recovered all 3 times in the spring/summer and wow, there is nothing like it. A little tan goes a long way. A evening stroll during witching hour is even better!!

    1. Ahh that sounds like heaven right now! I’m so happy to hear that it’s that good, even the 2nd and 3rd time! My firstborn was the end of February so I have a lot of happy memories from that postpartum experience, but I didn’t know if that would translate with multiple children! 🙂

  3. I love you so much it hurts. Your sickeningly adorable Kallah and you are constantly inspiring me and filling me with joy. I love having such an incredible older sister! I cannot wait to see you this summer and marvel at your fitness. Also your such a talented writer I love reading your blog!

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