Scenes from our Snow Weekend

Every night at bedtime, Will prays for two things. For our baby, and for snow to come.


This past week weather was looking good and promising, so on Thursday I took the boys to Harris Teeter to pick up a few cozy essentials; soup ingredients, firewood, beer for Jason, ingredients for cheesecake, the yoozsh.


Notice the bare banana row? Charlotteans DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH SNOW.

I would also like to draw your attention to the crown on Will’s head.


His class does a little thing called “Star of the Week”, and we got to take a turn this last week. We made a poster of Will’s life and favorite memories, and he shared three favorite toys and books from home with his class. Then on Thursday he got that crown, and it was most essential that we go out somewhere in public so “everyone in Charlotte” could see that he was the star of the week.

Anyway. Flurries started coming down amid ice and sleet Thursday night; at 7 o’clock Friday morning, Jason and I were awakened by an ecstatic stage whisper next to our bed:

“You guys – it snowed!!! [giggles of excitement] I am so excited! I will go play in the living room until you wake up, and I will shut the door so you don’t hear me!”

[When all is right in Will’s world, all is right in everyone’s world.]


I’m not sure how many total inches our neighborhood got… I’m guessing between 3 and 4? But the big deal was that it iced underneath the powdery snow, so we were really truly snowed in, and it stuck around looking pretty for extra long.

It was a nice, cozy, sleepy three day weekend.

I baked the cheesecake. We read. The boys played. Jason worked most of Friday on his laptop. We all napped every day. Jason and I followed Theresa’s excellent tip to do the free Showtime Trial on Amazon in order to get caught up on the last season of Homeland (which took 2 days lol – best season yet!).

We ventured out on a walk to explore our neighborhood Saturday morning…


Y’all, Will’s face was frozen like that pretty much the entire time.

IMG_8050Of course I was caught totally unprepared with no mittens for the kids or proper layers, but Jason put his gloves on them and they didn’t mind one bit.


We did experience a little cabin fever.


…and the expected mischief that it brings.

We were able to get to Mass Sunday morning since everything was pretty much slush by then on the roads. We made crepes for brunch with ham and sage and mozzarella, followed by crepes stuffed with cream cheese icing and raspberry preserves (the best in the world and this video makes crepes pretty much foolproof – also Lucinda Scala Quinn is the cutest).

Then we had my brother Mo and sister in law Maddy over to get super excited watching the Panthers dominate. Super Bowl here we come!

Overall, it was cozy and bonding and a sweet little adventure.


But I’m totally happy living in a place where we have it only once a year!


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