Will’s First Four Years *slideshow alert*

…aka, the slideshow I chose to dump hours upon hours (that I didn’t have) into. I REGRET NOTHING. Worth every tear I shed every time I watch it. I really searched for pictures I had forgotten I had… pictures I salvaged from the burial ground of my deactivated Facebook page (YES I was logged in for like 10 minutes! was surrealllll. 😉 )… pictures I found on Jason’s photo stream… pictures that may be blurry but flooded me with the clearest memory of that moment. 

These are the years. 
I don’t know why, but 4 feels so significant to me. It truly is his first birthday as a child, not as a toddler. Not as my baby. This is also coming on the verge of Jason leaving the job that he took when we were dating; and our 5th wedding anniversary in May. It feels like we are leaving not one year, but an entire season, behind. 
The bittersweetness takes my breath away. 
PS: I know its long, so probably no one will watch it, but it has a few of the sweetest little videos in there of baby Will!! I had to really agonize over which ones to use – Jason is a great video-taker. He has a bunch of these from the last 4 years. I cried buckets re-watching them. 
Anyway, something I never realized until literally making this slideshow, was how much of a baby Will was when I had Henry. He had instantly seemed so BIG to me side by side my new infant, I no longer appreciated the baby lisps and squeaky high voice (which still managed to be raspy, his entire life – his first babbles allllll had that precious raspy quality – so I never really even noticed it til Theresa or Sarah pointed it out to me lol). Part of me felt a huge ugly pang when I watched the video in there of Will on the bed with “Baby Ehrin!”… How had I let his last few ounces of precious Babyhood slip past me unnoticed?! 


One thought on “Will’s First Four Years *slideshow alert*

  1. Love this, Kallah! I would've watched the whole thing, but halfway through I had to stop – wipe the tears – and go hang out with my big 7 yr old boy (who's nearly as tall as I am) b/c I couldn't help but think about how beautiful this life as a parent is, but how very fast it seems to going. And, yes, it is amazing to look back and see what babies our “big kids” were when their younger sibling were born. Many blessings to you and your beautiful family. I hope that you are all enjoying a (nearly) springtime filled with joy.

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