Boots and Haircuts and Baby Kisses: the Start of My Autumn

Housekeeping note: Is it just me, or are there still alot of little kinks to work out with Bloglovin? I recently realized that my account was all screwed up… and especially was confused as to which blogs I was following publicly and privately? Who the heck cares to follow things privately? How is that healthy? ha. So I fixed it! If it just showed up in your inbox that I am only now following you, don’t feel offended that I wasn’t before… I didn’t follow anyone new, just trying to fix my profile :). 
So, anyway… how is my life going right now? I am still alive! And I am falling in love with Baby “Henrin” as Will calls him, slowly getting to know him through late night feedings and early-morning snuggles, through little baby smiles and those quiet moments of heart-thumping eye contact. 
At 14 lbs already at 6 weeks, and in 3-6 month clothes… He has the personality of a big guy, too. He likes to lay sprawled out naked. He hates being swaddled or confined. I think he is still so relieved to be out of the cramped space of my womb. 
 I had actually been feeling as if I don’t quite know myself at this juncture. I have always been so excited for life “getting crisp” at this time of year, well ahead of the seasonal curve for the Carolinas (we do get a Fall, but really not til October)… but this year I’m a little weird about it. I realized it has to do with the brutality of last winter on my spirits. And the MBA. It all comes back to that derned MBA. During the spring and summer, when the sun is setting at 8 o’clock, it felt like Jason wasn’t missing out on too much time with us. But during the Fall and Winter – ughh. I swear it was black outside at 5:30 some evenings. And he wouldn’t be home for 5 hours after nightfall. 
However, Fall is just stunning here. Some scenes from Autumns Past…

This past weekend, however, I felt more like myself. Saturday morning the sun rose with chilly breezes starting in the 50s. I had planned to get my hair cut months ago, and even though Jason had to work on Saturday, I got my brother to come pick up Will for an afternoon with his cool Uncle and “Uncle Mo’s Maddy” (girlfriend – upon whom Will has developed quite a crush) which really worked wonders for this toddler. As I was getting dressed to go to the salon, I felt a sudden inspiration to slip into my leggings and pull out my adored Frye’s from the back of the closet. I paired them with one of the Anthro tanks I splurged for which have been lifesavers with this weird postpartum-body:

… paired with a colorful scarf and either leggings/boots or skinny jeans/flats, it makes the perfect Transition into Fall outfit. 🙂 
Anywayssss… my husband showed up to the salon to take Henry while I got my hair cut. It was the first hour I’ve been alone and off-duty, and boy did it feel good! Afterwards, we stepped across the street to our favorite little burger joint in Dilworth for a quick drink and their delicious fried pickles (who am I kidding? when are fried pickles not delicious?). 

Jason had to rush back to work, and I drove back home with all the windows down in the car, and my all-time-favorite James Taylor album playing (One Man Band). It was the most refreshing and needed thing to be able to spend a little time by myself – I am recharged by time alone, hence all the distance running last year. 😉 I am now officially ready for fall and cooler days. 

P.S.: I love my hair, but there isn’t really a before/after to share. I only got it trimmed and shaped a bit, my stylist is a long-hair advocate so she’s true to her word and never chops off more than absolutely necessary. 


3 thoughts on “Boots and Haircuts and Baby Kisses: the Start of My Autumn

  1. I want to see you hair cut 🙂 I have been seeing a lot of fall photos and forgot that it is already getting chilly — In Miami we are still in the 80's! Glad you had some time to yourself in a cute outfit!


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