Things That Make Me Smile Today

Chilly day for the Carolina’s… High of 52, I think?…

Listening to James Taylor’s “One Man Band” on repeat (best live album everrrr)…

Keeping the laundry going (love the warm smell of fabric softener in the dryer!)…

Getting *real* kisses from my tot, who woke up in an alarmingly good mood…

Adoring my drapes (that I sewed all by myself!) and beginning the process for the ones in the bedroom…

Prancing around the house in cozy grey tights and an Urban Outfitters mini (because I can)
(also because I snagged a bunch of them at UO this weekend for less than $10 a piece
and I’m still gloating)…

Trying to comfort my left ankle, it’s been sore after long runs lately… R.I.C.E., right?…

And brainstorming turkey day options for my vegetable + dessert contribution this year to thanksgiving w my fam in the SC mountains… Thinking lowfat Pumpkin Cheesecake w Gingersnap crust (recipe from EatingWell)… And a sautéed, creamy version of whatever veg’s my farmer neighbor is selling on his little cart next week… Ummmm. I love thanksgiving!

Just like I love being a Carolinian today. 🙂

Also, shout out to Nordstrom, who alone of all the department stores in the Mall, is committed to waiting til after Thanksgiving for decking their halls! Aaaaaa-mennnn! I do not condone Christmasish until the afternoon of laying around completely stuffed and drowsy with turkey and cranberry sauce… That’s the day to start humming along to “White Christmas”.

I guess when you’re Nordstrom you aren’t too worried about the race for consumers. 😉


2 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Smile Today

  1. NICE drapes kid!! Very very nice! I need another sewing project.

    And you make me want to drive up just to shop at Nordstrom. Even Lowes had their Christmas stuff out before Halloween…

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