Pumpkin Everything & A Creature of Habit

I am a creature of habit. When I was a small gangly child with chestnut waves growing up in Albany GA, my Daddy used to say we could only go to restaurants that met the CFR (Chicken Finger Requirement), all because of the waterfall of tears that issued from my chestnut-haired self upon that one horrid time we went to a restaurant that only served children hamburgers. The funny thing is, I didn’t dislike hamburgers at all. My daddy grilled nice fat ones every Saturday, April through August. It’s simply that my world was shaken by the breaking of my happy, dependable little habit of eating chicken fingers whenever we went out.

Obviously, being a creature of habit has its downsides, and they are not limited to embarrassing melt-downs on occasion.

Bad habits can be extremely, extremely hard to break for a person like me.

With the ushering (ok more like tiptoeing) in of Fall, I love to indulge in a few familiar habits of the season that I have established over the years. I light my little candles, I sojourn into coffee shops with more regularity, I spend afternoons in the library, I read Harry Potters, I listen to Bon Iver and Jon Foreman, and I bake. Oh goodness do I bake.

Scones. Muffins. Cupcakes. Pies. Cookies. Cakes. Breads. Rolls. All sprinkled with a healthy dosage of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and, my absolute favorite, nutmeg.

Homemade Pumpkin Scones from the weekend, I will miss you. Someone please enjoy them for me.

So… After weeks of struggle and denial, I have awakened to the sad fact that I need to address my addiction, head-on. I read this inspiring post from one of my favorite bloggers, and I decided to spend the next 4 weeks sans sweeteners. (Starting now so I can enjoy the fruits of Halloween, obviously).

I’m tired of feeling shaky and crashy from too much attachment to this very bad habit. Sugar cravings are especially destructive if you happen to be a stay at home mom, with a cozy little kitchen, a bright red cherry colored Kitchenaid, and a large and varied collection of OXO utensils
at your disposal.

I even own a springform pan.

But I can do this!!!

Wish me luck! And if any of you would like go join me, I would be grateful for some accountability!

And P.S.: I just realized that the majority of my recent posts have been limited to aspirations and plans and goals. Ugh that is obnoxious. My apologies. Chalk it up to my starry-eyed state in life and the rashness of youth. Next post, my goal is NO. GOALS.

P.P.S.: if you are reading this between now and 10 o’clock eastern time, please offer up a prayer/wish me luck/send positive vibes/whatever – I have to sit for three hours in a “Protecting God’s Children” class, simply because I felt obligated to volunteer at the Church nursery on Sunday mornings, since we have become so desperately dependent upon it at this shouty-squirmy season in Will’s career. And the Church in her wisdom requires all volunteers to go through anti-child-abuse training. Which I recognize is important. But I am self-ashamedly so squeamish with anything remotely related to that topic. It is oppressive (and now terrifying) to hear about. How can human beings become such monsters? *shudder*

And on that cheerful note, have a lovely evening!


8 thoughts on “Pumpkin Everything & A Creature of Habit

  1. Will definitely be praying! The only perk about the Virtus class is that you only have to take it every 5 years. Yeah, that's pretty much the only perk I can think of.

  2. I have been struggling with my sugar cravings lately, too! I think the stress of starting a new school year requests I turn to the comfort of sweet things… But I've lost so much weight in the past 2 years, and I don't want to gain it all back! So I've been ATTEMPTING to control myself. SO not easy!

    Love you 🙂

  3. Thank you m'dear! Also should I be worried that my son keeps trying to call me Kallah instead of the usual mama? Lolol. I told Jason it was all his fault and he needs to emphasize mama more 😉

  4. Teresa!!!! Everytime you comment I get so excited! I love you too!
    Sounds like my sugar addiction was, sadly, much worse than yours… Nothing short if cold turkey could've saved me lol. I admire your discipline!

  5. Jumping in to offer some solidarity/accountability for your sugar free endeavor. My husband and I are going sugar and grain free for a few weeks starting Monday. We eat pretty healthfully, and I'm not a huge sugar freak, but I'm definitely a carb addict. I'm interested to see if I feel noticeably better, but I'm skeptical. So more power to you! I'll be interested to hear how it goes!

  6. Best of luck Kallah (LOVE your name by the way! So pretty!) My husband turned me away from sweets b/c his boring tastes never enjoyed them (I don't know how this happened). I appreciate it now though b/c I really don't eat much of them anymore (although the Fall may be a challenge for me). I have started to replace/ add dried fruits (mostly dates), bananas, etc. to baked goods/raw goods to sweeten them – even my husband will eat them. Thought I might recommend it. Maybe a way to come off the sugar a little easier but supplementing with naturally sweetened things (?)

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