On Repeat

I am in love with this new blog design!
I told Bobbi, my lovely designer, that it has such a
breezy feel… and she said that’s exactly what she was going for! Success!

So, random, but am I the only person who gets addicted to one song at a time?
I always stumble upon a new song, and it is all I want to listen to…
in the car…
cooking dinner…
going to sleep with my earbuds in (only if the obsession is really bad)…

This song is my latest addiction. [yes I am fully aware of how cheesy it is.]

Sound familiar? It’s in a club scene in the movie “Crazy Stupid Love” with Steve Carrell and Ryan Gosling [which I love for all the subtle Shakespeare references]. It jumped out at me when I was watching it last…
 (this happens to me a lot because I am a soundtrack nerd; I spent all of highschool dreaming of being a soundtrack composer. I still pay a lot of attention to them)…
I cannot stop listening to this song! I know – I have weird taste. My brother told me once that
all the songs I love make you feel like you’re “floating” when listening to them.

So when does your music style change to more “mom-appropriate” selections? Cause I keep waiting for that to happen and… nothing.

This was – literally – Mr Baby’s face when his mom started doing a little traffic jammin to her obnoxious new fav song on our drive home yesterday evening.

Dang, he is really unimpressed, isn’t he? Close up:

He is definitely too cool to be my son. Oh dear. He’s only 16 months.

8 thoughts on “On Repeat

  1. hahaha. Mama appropriate. I am definitely not there yet either.

    Oh, Will. I think he is too cool for all of us.

    LOVE your design. I can't stop looking at it.


  2. Love the new design and you aren't the only one who gets hooked on a new song and plays it on repeat! I keep a playlist in my iTunes of all the songs I've been obsessed with for a day of more! =)

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