Fashion Blog of Note

My dear dear sisterly friend Camille,
who shares many exciting moments in my life
as she lives about 10 minutes away…
and has a marshmallow of a baby girl one month younger than Will…
[who is also my godchild]…
and shares the unique experience of being
a super young mother…
who also loves being a girly-girl…

has a super chic fashion blog entitled “Life in Modification”.
She is incredibly talented with DIY things,
has inimitable taste when it comes to dressing and decorating,
and is just gorgeous inside and out.
(Reason enough to follow a blog, right?)

She is also a budding photographer.

Basically, our friendship consists of us talking excitedly at the same time
as we frantically march through the South Park Mall
attempting absentmindedly to keep our irritable babes happy in their strollers
and loyally keep each other accountable
to hold on tightly to our checkbooks
no matter what the display windows at J.Crew, Banana,
or Anthropologie
might hold.

She is a really amazing listener, and our friendship is one of those curious ones that start out slow
and fairly light
but always comfortable and pleasant…
and then, quite suddenly,
catch you off guard by how deep and close they’ve become.

I do not know what I would do without her kindness and saving sense of humor.

Check out her blog if you love style that’s not also ridiculously overpriced!

Oh, you can also see a little bio of meeeee on her “Mod Mamas” feature today. 🙂


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