Confession and My Self-Sufficient Weekend

I miss my husband!

I know. I am a wimp.

This is his first midterm week of the MBA program. And I have neither obsessively texted him, nor given him the cold shoulder, nor whined about needing more help.

But it is hard!

It is really really tough! Sunday I was dragging… It was hard not having my incredibly dependable and cheerful Bathmaster take over at 6:45 so I could sit down and take a quiet breath; it was hard not having that lazy, coffee-filled morning with my best friend in the whole world; it was hard going for a quiet run just me and Will instead of the chatty, long, family Sunday walk we were accustomed to.

But it wasn’t all bad… Saturday was actually pretty exciting because I decided to surprise him with a few inexpensive decorating projects while he spent the day studying at Queens.

That kept me super distracted all day, and I felt such satisfaction every time I looked around me!

I finished painting the guest room/office during naptime and late in the evenings (final reveal pic below)… I cheated and picked up a swatch of colors from Pottery Barn but promptly turned around and took them to Lowes (sorry, Benjamin Moore!).

I lovvvvve the result!

Other decorating feats:

Little-known fact about Jason, he is an awesome photographer. He majored in Art History at Winthrop before going to seminary, which I think helped give him a really good eye for pictures.

Needless to say he hasn’t had time for it in the past 2 years, but we have a whole bunch of files of beautiful photographs saved.

I printed a few enlargements of his pictures at Costco, and then I found frames for an average of $5 a piece at Michaels. So cheap for the huge difference it makes!

I also found this little faux-plant on clearance for the stairwell.
I am so delighted with the way the office looks now! I think green was a good choice because of all the green light that filters through the trees right outside the window. I decided that no matter what color I chose, it would get a greenish tint on sunny days.

So I embraced it!

I think I did pretty good – although there are a few smudges on various spots of the ceiling. And I may have stepped in the paint tray. And gotten a few more smudges on the carpet. (Which was totally on purpose because I am making a strong case to my husband to rip that carpet up and put in hardwood.)
I miss my husband a lot, but I am so proud of him… and proud of myself for being (mostly) self-sufficient! And proud of my sweet little house.

Nicest thing about decorating on a very small budget? It forces you to enjoy and truly appreciate each little change as it comes.


2 thoughts on “Confession and My Self-Sufficient Weekend

  1. You are so right about decorating on a small budget! Being a SAHM is a blessing and a curse sometimes for me…blessing because I obviously get to be with my children, but a curse because I spend all day in my home, thinking about what paint color would look good in that room, what piece of furniture I want in that corner, should I paint the kitchen cabinets, etc etc! Thankfully, I'm stretched in my patience department and I get insane amounts of satisfaction with each new change πŸ™‚

  2. You too?! Ok that makes me feel better! I do get such crazy satisfaction from each little improvement… But yes being a SAHM makes it hard not to constantly be daydreaming about the next project! πŸ™‚
    Still – aren't you glad you can't afford to be tempted by having an interior decorator do everything all at once? πŸ™‚ our way is def more fulfilling!

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