Yes, This Will Be a Late Night

Oh, hello place I will be with my husband tomorrow evening.
… sans BABY!
I am so excited right now!!!

Jason and I are going on our very first weekend away … tomorrow!

It all just sort of came together last minute… The invitation to attend a work convention at the beach, a couple of exceedingly enthusiastic grandma’s who live 2 hours away, and a man and wife who have not slept in and snuggled on a Saturday morning since February 25, 2011. And there you have it! A little get-away!

The hotel is the prettiest I’ve seen in Myrtle Beach.

[Natives know that Myrtle is, well, kind of the Daytona of the Carolinas … 
It is right next to one of the most beautiful Islands, my beloved Pawley’s, but
its just not always known for its classiness.  
(And some of my readers may just love Myrtle – so I apologize for giving offense. 
My snobbery is truly something I am working on!)]
But all southern “Bless-Their-Hearts” superiority aside, being real, this is my first post-baby weekend away with my husband… I would probably be in Heaven in a tent on the side of 85.

And, snob though I may be… this little oceanfront resort is no tent. 🙂 So yes, I am really excited!
Good thing too, as I currently have a mountain of laundry strategically thrown on my bed, (forcing me to fold and put it away before passing out)…
a sinful sink of dishes that will probably (not) find their way to the cabinets before morning…
3 suitcases to pack…
 a master list of Will’s do’s-and-do-not’s for the grandmas to finish editing…
 and, finally, a whole lot 
of conflicting emotions 
about driving hundreds of miles away
 from my baby
 to bury somewhere
Making matters worse… 
He totally intuitively knows I am torn about something concerning his adorable self – just see how irresistible he was being this evening?!
I mean seriously… How am I ever going to drive away from this child?

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