No Place Like Home?

I am a self-admitted dreamer. I get it. No matter what I have or don’t have in life, I am aware of the certain fact that I will be dreaming and wishing for more.
But – this self-knowledge can’t stop me from dreaming on!

Just bear with me for now, while I use this blog as a scrapbook of the life I would love :). I just wasted about 2 hours Googling these achingly beautiful pictures of homes, gardens, and – ah yes – Fall! Here it is… the dream I can’t seem to let go of:

Why does owning a house seem so impossibly (albeit barely) out of reach? Tantalizing.
I long for the day that I can decorate the walls of my own home; (sidenote: I am an excellent painter – used to paint various rooms in my family’s house for my Dad whenever I needed to pay off a speeding ticket). I am especially enthralled with this seafoam color – it goes well with so many tranquil, neutral colors!

… I long for the day I can spend all morning in my yard, learning by trial and error how to garden…

… with a yard full of leaves to rake…

…with my very own [BIG] kitchen in which to whip up amazing gourmet, natural foods…

…and I can clean and dust and vaccuum to my heart’s content… I don’ why I just thought this particular picture looked like the essence of “clean” :)…

…I can fill it with the fragrance of pumpkin spice scented candles on a cool fall evening…

…and on evenings like this one, when the thermostat ACTUALLY says 73 degrees outside (!!), I imagine someday sitting by a crackling fire reading to my little boy in my living room, waiting for my husband to walk in the door…

This dream will come true someday – probably alot sooner than I realize now. Hopefully, the fact that I had to spend so much time longing for it, will cause me to treasure and more greatly appreciate the little home that will someday be ours!

Meanwhile, here in our cozy little apartment…

…life is pretty darn beautiful!


2 thoughts on “No Place Like Home?

  1. Kallah!! I loved this post! Everytime I think about fall and how much I want it to be here I think of you, knowing that you too are eagerly awaiting the arrival of fall! Will is SO adorable…and now I'm going to go light some pumpkin spice candles 🙂

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