Wednesday Cheerfulness

It is nearly summer. Thank God! I thought it would never come, but it really seems like just yesterday that it was here!

I replaced the picture on my blog with something more tropical! 🙂

Summer is my favorite season of all in the Carolinas… here are just a few of the reasons why:

…clear night skies with sparkling stars… cicadas loudly chirping throughout the evenings… sunshine at 7… sunshine!!! brown skin… sunset at 9… walking through campus surrounding by a veritable tunnel of trees… the smell of freshly cut grass and the distant hum of lawn-mowers… streaks of sunkissed blond in my boring brown hair… sandals… the smell of the air-conditioner from the cool indoors… lazy afternoons of reading good books… hot sweaty jogs outside… chlorine and banana boat sunscreen… wearing a bathing suit and a flimsy eyelet skirt at a picnic… the beach, in all its glory… sundresses… sunglasses… sun!… grilling with family on a warm evening… fireworks…

I could go on and on. I will probably have to stop and add to this list later. The point is, that life in the summer has a certain warmth and vibrance (at least for me), unlike any other season of the year.


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